Emergency Plan

Many families will have an emergency plan for themselves however planning for pets may be overlooked. The following guidelines can help!

  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS DURING AN EMERGENCY! Make a plan to take your pets with you should you need to evacuate.
  • Ensure that the location/facility that you plan to evacuate to will accept pets and have the resources to accommodate your pet.
    • Facilities may not be able to accept pets for health reasons
    • Facilities may not be able to accept certain pets (i.e. schools may not take reptiles or amphibians)
    • Ensure the facility has the capability to support your pets needs (heat lamps, water, etc.)
    • Ensure you have a travel crate, cage, or tank if required for your pets
  • Ensure you have transportation to get your pets to the evacuation facility
  • Ensure you can quickly, safely, and easily prepare your pet for evacuation if required
    • Crate train your dogs and cats
    • Leash train your dogs
    • Harnesses and “gentle leaders” may be useful for maintaining control of your dog
  •  Remember your pets will respond how you respond – if you panic, they are likely to panic and run or hide to avoid you and the situation

Pet Preparedness Brochure